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Johnson, Conaway & Houghtaling Celebrate Designation of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day in NJ

As a result of a resolution, (AJR-150) sponsored by Assembly Democrats Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen), Herb Conaway (D-Burlington) and Eric Houghtaling (D-Monmouth), October 8 of each year is now designated as “Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day” in New Jersey. The Assemblymen released the following joint statement today:

“With the need for alternative, environmentally-friendly energy sources becoming more and more evident each year, we wanted to designate an annual “Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day” to help raise awareness about this advantageous technology.

“Hydrogen and fuel cell technology is underutilized, when it could be providing our state with energy that is both cleaner and more efficient than many other methods.

“Not only is there an abundant supply of hydrogen on our planet, but the only by-products of hydrogen fuel cells are water and heat. As such, the amount of pollution and greenhouse gases released into our atmosphere would be greatly reduced if more vehicles and businesses shifted to this technology.

“New Jersey must keep up with new breakthroughs by taking advantage of this innovative technology that would both help the environment and drive economic growth throughout our state. We hope Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day’s topical activities and programs will prompt further conversations that lead to the change this day aims to inspire.”