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Johnson, Moriarty & Greenwald on Bill to Encourage New Jersey Film Industry Becoming Law

In an effort to encourage the burgeoning movie industry in New Jersey, several Assembly Democrats sponsor legislation to extend tax credits beyond the current program’s scheduled deadline for productions that begin filming before that end date. Upon the bill (A-5580) being signed into law Tuesday, sponsors Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen), Paul Moriarty (D-Camden, Gloucester) and Louis Greenwald (D-Burlington, Camden) released the following statement:

“In recent years, we incentivized production companies to film in our state, in order to generate more jobs and revenue throughout New Jersey. Those efforts have been successful in bringing many creative projects to the state.

“As such, we must now offer those companies the consistency and stability they need to film long-term projects that can span over the course of several years, such as successful TV shows that stay on air for multiple seasons. This law will help maintain the helpful benefits our state receives from these projects by encouraging companies to continue filming them here.”