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Johnson: New Jersey Airport Employees Deserve "Same Consideration" to Improve Wage and Benefits as New York Colleagues

(TRENTON) – Assemblyman Gordon M. Johnson sent a letter to the NJ/NY Port Authority Board of Commissioners and to the Executive Director Patrick Foye inquiring why the mandates for contracting airlines for improvements in worker benefits and wages did not extend to New Jersey airport employees:

“The employees in New Jersey provide the same services as those in New York and are subject to similarly poor wages and benefits. It is a matter of fundamental fairness that they be treated equally by the Port Authority,” states Johnson (D-Bergen).

“Access to sick days, health benefits, and a living wage should not be reserved only for those working on the New York side of the river.”

In the letter, Johnson urged the Port Authority to immediately address this issue and ensure that wage and benefit increases are also provided to New Jersey airport employees. He also requested an explanation as to why the New Jersey employees were not included in the first place.