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Johnson: Newtown Families’ Visit to NJ Underscores Need for Stronger Gun Violence Prevention Measures, Banning High-Capacity Magazines

(TRENTON) – Assemblyman Gordon Johnson on Tuesday welcomed support for his bill to restrict ammunition magazine capacity from several family members who lost loved ones in the Newtown Connecticut elementary school shooting last December:

“To join the parents and family of Newtown, Connecticut in the state house today will truly be an unforgettable moment as a legislator. Since the inexplicable tragedy at the New town elementary school, these individuals have honorably dedicated their time and resources to encouraging the nation to enact stronger gun violence prevention measures.

The families’ insistence on traveling to New Jersey and standing with us today underscores the significance of the Assembly Democratic gun violence prevention package compared to others’ that have been proposed.”

“The difference between 10 and 15 rounds in a magazine clip means the world of a difference in the opportunity to gain control of the situation sooner rather than later.

“The lives we have lost to senseless gun violence are fact not fiction. The need for stronger gun control legislation has become more that apparent but unfortunately an overwhelming reality for Americans.

“To effectively address this issue, we must do it with comprehensive and responsible legislation. The Assembly Democrat Gun Violence Prevention Package does that.”