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Johnson on ACR-188, Aiming to Protect the Fairness & Accuracy of Legislative Redistricting in Light of COVID-19 Impact on NJ Communities

Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen) issued the following statement in support of the passage of ACR-188 out of committee, legislation which will help ensure accuracy and fairness during the state’s redistricting process and a greater representation of the New Jersey’s communities.
Assemblyman Johnson issued the following statement:
“Right now New Jersey’s response rate to the U.S. Census this year is falling below our response rate at this same time a decade ago,” said Johnson (D-Bergen). “Another undercount of New Jersey’s citizens for the Census will hurt our communities and decrease federal dollars we will sorely need in the coming year as we work our way out of this pandemic. Accurate data is the key to ensuring fairness and equality in representation on both state and federal levels. It’s the key to our next ten years at least.”