Johnson, Quijano & Murphy Statement on Signing of Bill to Amend Insurance Requirements for Autocycles

(TRENTON) – Legislation to ensure registered autocycles operating in New Jersey have similar insurance requirements as motorcycles was recently signed into law by Governor Murphy. Bill sponsors, Assembly Democrats Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen), Annette Quijano (D-Union) and Carol Murphy (D-Burlington) released the following statement:


“Autocycles have been permitted in New Jersey since 2016. Though they are titled as motorcycles with the state Motor Vehicle Commission, there are some differences in insurance requirements for both types of vehicles. Previously, three-wheeled vehicles with a steering wheel and pedals known as ‘autocycles’ are required to have standard personal injury protection (PIP) coverage. This new law (formerly bill A-4103) amends those insurance requirements to match those of motorcycles, which need to maintain PIP coverage for pedestrians only.

“Autocycles are appealing for any motorist looking for a vehicle with the fuel efficiency benefits of a motorcycle without needing to obtain a motorcycle license. They also provide wind and weather protection comparable to a car. Updating these insurance requirements simply makes sense as we begin to see more of these vehicles on the road.”