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Johnson: So ‘New Jersey Comeback’ Means Higher Tolls for Commuters and Businesses?

(TRENTON) – Assembly Majority Conference Leader Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen) released the following statement Monday as the Assembly Budget Committee heard testimony on proposed transportation spending:

“The governor’s plan takes reDests that were supposed to be used for a new commuter rail tunnel project and supplements that with new borrowing and no plan to pay the increased debt. It appears more and more as though the governor simply cancelled the tunnel so he wouldn’t need to devise a responsible transportation plan.
“The governor, by allowing these tolls hikes to continue, is essentially raising taxes on New Jersey motorists. Many of my constituents have had to endure this pain.
“Does the so-called ‘New Jersey Comeback’ mean higher tolls for commuters and businesses? If so, then that’s a strange and unfortunate definition of a comeback.”