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Johnson Statement on Impact of Partial Federal Government Shutdown on NJ Workers and Economy

(TRENTON) – In response to the prolonged partial federal government shutdown impacting an estimated 5,000 federal employees in New Jersey, Assemblyman Gordon Johnson released the following statement:

“This week, thousands of New Jerseyans employed by the federal government will likely miss a full paycheck due to the ongoing stalemate between Congress and the President,” said Johnson (D-Bergen), chair of the Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee. “Whether these workers are furloughed or forced to work without pay, the reality is people will have less money in their pockets by no fault of their own. Some living paycheck to paycheck will no doubt have difficulty paying the bills and putting food on the table. New Jersey workers – and the roughly 800,000 federal workers across the country – shouldn’t need to worry whether or not they’ll be paid when there’s a conflict in Washington.

“And it isn’t just federal workers who are taking a hit during this shutdown; our state economy is at risk. Small business owners in New Jersey don’t have access to federally assisted loans. Those looking to buy a house or refinance a mortgage will be left on hold by the Federal Housing Administration. National parks and museum are closed, which may affect tourism. The list goes on.

“I fully support my Democratic colleagues in the New Jersey delegation of Congress in their efforts to end this shutdown, which will put people back to work and restore normalcy in our economy.”