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Johnson: Wildstein’s Silence Only Begets More Questions

(TRENTON) – Assembly Democrat Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen) issued the following statement on Thursday following David Wildstein’s refusal to answer questions during the Assembly transportation committee hearing into what led to the decision to reduce – without prior notice – the number of access lanes to the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee back in September:

“This was a vindictive orchestration by Christie staffers that gravely endangered public safety, and we still don’t know what led to it since Mr. Wildstein chose not answer any of our questions.

“We had first responders who were unable to respond to emergency calls in a timely manner.

“We have to determine the genesis of this undertaking which came from the governor’s office.

“I find it hard to believe that the governor’s now former deputy chief of staff Bridget Kelly acted alone while in the shadow of the governor. I will be supporting Assemblyman Wisniewski’s subpoena to have Ms. Kelly testify before the committee, as well as any other individual involved in this fiasco who can shed some real light into how the decision to close these lanes came about.”