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Joint Legislative Committee to Meet in Paterson on Tuesday to Discuss Status of State-Controlled School District

Assemblywoman Mila Jasey (D-Essex/Morris) will chair a meeting of the legislative Joint Committee on the Public Schools in Paterson on Tuesday to hear testimony on the status of the state-controlled Paterson School District.

The hearing will take place on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, at 11 a.m. at Eastside High School, 150 Park Avenue, Paterson, New Jersey.

The Committee will be receiving a comprehensive overview from invited guests on the state of the Paterson School District with testimony to include fiscal and budget information; the fulfillment of contractual obligations to administration, faculty, and professional staff; facilities and teacher sufficiency for current and anticipated students; and the teacher sufficiency to meet curriculum mandates. The Committee will also be receiving an update of Paterson’s compliance with QSAC with the intention of returning to local control.

Among those expected to provide testimony is the Superintendent of the Paterson school district, the President and the Vice President of the Paterson Board of Education, the President and Vice President of the Paterson Education Association, the President of the Paterson branch of the NAACP and numerous parents and students.

Members of the public are also invited to address the committee with their concerns on the Paterson School District.