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Jones, Benson Bill Requiring Placing "No Turn on Red" Sign closer to Traffic Lights Clears Committee

(TRENTON) – Placing “No Turn on Red” signage in a more visible position for drivers, legislation sponsored by Assemblywoman Patricia Egan Jones mandating the location of the sign to be closer to the traffic light was recently approved by the Assembly Transportation committee.

“There should be a set location for “no turn on red” signs where any driver can see it prior to and when they arrive at the light,” said Jones (D-Camden, Gloucester). “Oftentimes the sign is so far before the light, drivers may miss it. We can turn on red here in New Jersey with some exceptions. These need to be clear for pedestrian safety and driver safety.”

“Traffic signage should be quick to read and to identify to keep our roadways safe,” said Benson (D-Mercer, Middlesex). “There should be a reminder on or at the light for drivers that turning on red is prohibited at that particular intersection.”

The bill requires a ‘no turn on red” sign to be installed immediately below or immediately to the right or left of the signal head of a traffic light at a location that is clearly visible to drivers when stopped at the intersection, so long as the location of the “no turn on red” sign complies with the applicable provisions of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Device for Street and Highways.

The bill’s provisions are to apply after the effective date of the bill.
It will now be considered by the Assembly Speaker for a floor vote.