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Jones: "Considerable Uncertainty" Surrounding Date Atlantic City Rail Line Will Reopen is Troubling

(TRENTON) – Expressing disappointment in NJ Transit’s missed deadline and a further delay to a resumption of service to the Atlantic City Rail Line, Assemblywoman Patricia Egan Jones, after sending a letter to NJ Transit Executive Director Corbett, issued the following statement:

“We all understand that the installment of positive train controls was critically important to ensuring passenger safety. If there’s more work to be done then it should absolutely be completed, however, NJ Transit continues to struggle with transparency and timely communication when it comes to reopening this essential public transportation service.

“NJ Transit originally announced a return to service by the end of December or the beginning of January. NJ Transit can’t leave South Jersey residents without an explanation of delays. Our businesses and working families who depend on this vital rail line deserve to know the exact date the ACRL will reopen.

“I’ve had conversations with Executive Director Corbett, and I’ve invited him to join me and my colleagues at the Cherry Hill station to discuss resuming operations. It is important for government to keep its promises.

“Employers, employees, working families, residents, and visitors all depend on reliable public transit services throughout our state in order to get to their jobs, visit family, and contribute to the economy. Any further unexplainable delay is unacceptable. Our residents deserve better.”