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Lampitt: Addressing Equity Pay, Public Assistance Programs, Education & Day Care Services Among Concerns at Hearing on Poverty in NJ

{TRENTON) – Chair of the Assembly Women and Children Committee Pamela R. Lampitt (D-Camden, Burlington) issued the following statement regarding today’s hearing on reducing poverty in New Jersey:

“We’ve discussed in the past equity pay for women, earning a living wage for families, day care services for women returning to work, ways to strengthen government programs like SNAP and TANF, education opportunities for women and employment training. Hearing organizations from around the state speak from their heart and share their knowledge on these topics was very helpful and, at times, eye-opening today.

“What stands out after today is the need for true reform that effectuates real, tangible change for New Jersey’s families. What is also clear after today’s hearing is the overwhelming amount of red tape families have to go through to get the help they need.

“Better coordination between programs, stronger public outreach, enforcing minimum wage, and ensuring that our public assistance programs reflect cost of living in this decade are potential steps we can take to effectively help New Jersey’s families.

“The reality is that too many in New Jersey are either living or on the verge of living below the poverty line. It could be the mother next door unable to work because of her two young children, one of which has autism and is in need of full-time care. Or it can be the senior living in the home she purchased with her husband and now lives in it alone on a fixed income.

“We have just begun to break the surface with the work we have done today. However, we’re in it for the long haul and will do what is right for struggling families in New Jersey.”