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Lampitt Bill to Inform NJ Students of Title IX Rights Passes Assembly Committee

In an effort to empower students by providing them with information about their rights under Title IX, Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt sponsors a bill that would require schools throughout New Jersey to make information about Title IX easily accessible. The Assembly Education Committee advanced the bill on Monday.

Under the bill (A-2066), public schools and nonpublic schools receiving federal funding would be required to share information about Title IX—which protects people from discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation or gender identity in education programs or activities receiving federal funding—on the school website. This would include information about students’ rights and schools’ responsibilities under Title IX, the contact information for a school’s Title IX coordinator, and the procedure to file a complaint under Title IX.

The bill would also require the Commissioner of Education to annually send a letter to all public schools and private schools subject to the requirements of Title IX informing them of the rights afforded to students and the responsibilities of schools under the law.

Upon committee approval of the bill, Assemblywoman Lampitt (D-Camden, Burlington) issued the following statement:


“Knowing your rights is incredibly empowering, and it is important that we provide our students with a full understanding of what rights are afforded to them under Title IX. Our schools should be a place where all students feel confident and ready to learn. By making it clear that students are protected from discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation and gender identity we can give students the tools they need to advocate for themselves, call out injustice and make our schools a welcoming place for everyone.”