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Lampitt Blasts Trump for Suspending Obama-era Rules to Close Gender Pay Gap

Assembly Women and Children Committee Chair Pamela Lampitt (D-Camden/Burlington) weighed in Wednesday on President Trump’s suspension of Obama-era rules aimed at closing the gender pay gap.

Lampitt has sponsored numerous pieces of legislation aimed at promoting gender pay equity, including a bill (A-2750) to modify the current Law Against Discrimination (LAD) to strengthen protections against employment discrimination and promote equal pay for women. It was conditionally vetoed by Governor Christie in May.

“The President’s rash decision to rollback rules to increase transparency and promote equal pay hurts every woman in America. Shame on President Trump for being more concerned that additional paperwork might be a burden for employers while ignoring the women of our nation who struggle to make ends meet as a result of being paid less simply based on their gender.

“Pay discrimination affects women of every race and socioeconomic class. Here in New Jersey, women make $477,000 less than their male counterparts over a 40-year career on average. Consequently, women in our state lose out on $16 billion every year, hurting families throughout New Jersey. We need to be promoting regulations that help women, not hurt them. We can no longer allow leaders to sweep women’s issues under the rug.”