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Lampitt on Education Hearing to Further Discuss Challenges of School Reopening Amid COVID-19

The Assembly Education Committee met for a second time Monday to take testimony from community stakeholders on the Department of Education’s school reopening plan amid COVID-19 and the supplemental guidance recently issued.
Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt (D-Burlington, Camden), chair of the Assembly Education Committee:
“With the beginning of the school year just weeks away, it is becoming more and more apparent that schools throughout our state are not sufficiently prepared to safely reopen for in-person instruction. In states where schools have already opened for in-person learning; within just a short period of time, many of these schools have already been forced to close or quarantine students and staff as a result of COVID-19 infection.
“Hearing the many remaining challenges facing our state as we prepare to reopen schools, including addressing childcare needs arising from hybrid and fully remote instruction, distributing school meals to students on and off school premises, overcoming barriers to special education services, and providing clear and consistent guidance to school districts to ensure the health and safety of our schools; today’s testimony strongly echoed the message that more must be done before New Jersey students can return to the classroom.
“I thank all those who testified today for their time, continued ingenuity, and willingness to engage in productive dialogue. This conversation has helped us identify the challenges facing our schools and develop plans to keep our children, teachers, school staff and their families safe as we prepare for the coming year.
“It’s clear there’s more to do.”