Lampitt Statement on National Child Abuse Prevention Month


“Few things in life are more important than our children. They hold our future in their hands and hearts, and it’s our responsibility to keep them safe. Tragically, some children – who deserve nothing but love and warmth – fall victim to abuse or neglect.

“National Child Abuse Prevention Month in April is an opportunity for us to raise awareness for groups, resources and programs working to end child abuse across the country. Parents, caregivers, teachers, and others who interact with children need to be educated on how to effectively communicate with their child and cope with daily challenges in a healthy way. It could make a tremendous difference in a child’s life.

“In New Jersey, we’ve made child abuse prevention a top priority. Just this year, the Assembly approved a package of four bills I sponsored to reduce child sexual abuse. This legislation will strengthen our prevention efforts through training, improvements to our reporting processes, and updates to our existing procedures.”

“It’s important for us to talk about child abuse prevention not just in April, but year-round. Raising awareness will help to bring children in troubling situations out of the shadows, ensure they get the support that they desperately need, and one day end abuse altogether.”