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Lampitt Statement on President Trump’s Proposed U.S. Department of Education Budget Cuts

In response to President Trump’s fiscal year 2020 federal budget proposal which would cut funding to the U.S. Department of Education by $7.1 billion, Assembly Education Committee Chairwoman Pamela Lampitt (D-Camden, Burlington) released the following statement:

“Support for our children’s education is the greatest investment we can make for the future of our country. President Trump’s federal budget proposal has made it crystal clear that he does not prioritize education or the future of our children. His proposal calls for over $7 billion in cuts to the Department of Education, a 10 percent decrease in the department’s overall budget from the previous year. The proposed cuts would result in the elimination of federal aid for critical educational programs, including funding for academic support and enrichment, after school programming and teacher development. These efforts to defund vital education initiatives would significantly impair our ability to provide our children with the high quality education they deserve.

“President Trump’s budget proposal is nothing short of an attack on our education system. I call on our representatives in the federal government, as well as my Democratic and Republican colleagues in the State, to stand in opposition to this pernicious budget plan and demand appropriate funding for education.”