Lampitt: Students Shine at Final School Security Hearing in Newark

(TRENTON) – The Assembly and Senate Education Committees met jointly on Monday at the Paul Robeson Campus Center at Rutgers University-Newark to discuss matters pertaining to school security, with guns, mental health, access to funding, and what immediate actions can be taken being the primary topics of discussion.

Legal, education, and law enforcement experts were among those to testify, as well as parents and a group of three students; one elementary school student and two high school students.

“I want to thank all those who came to testify at all of our important school security hearings,” said Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt (D-Camden/Burlington), who chairs the Assembly Education Committee. “We always appreciate input from students, parents and experts in our state, and we will make sure to take your advice to heart. I want to especially thank the students who came to testify. You are our future leaders, and your intellect and passion for sensible legislation were on full display. I sincerely applaud your bravery and leadership. We will work hard to put together a bill-package by June that will hopefully have other states look at New Jersey as a beacon of light with regards to the safety of our students, teachers, and school staff members.”

The hearing was the final of three held by the joint Legislative Education Committee.