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Assemblywoman Pam Lampitt had the following published in The Courier-Post :

“Each day, New Jersey’s women’s health care clinics deliver critical health care services to the people of our state, people who in many cases cannot afford health insurance and have nowhere else to turn. The single mother who gets screened for breast cancer. The young pregnant woman who gets prenatal care for her baby. Countless young people who do the right thing by getting tested for HIV. The elderly woman who is checked for diabetes. There are many more.

“Indeed, these clinics served more than 136,000 patients last year alone. Often, they delivered crucial preventive health care in the form of various tests and screenings that helped save lives. Because of these important preventive health services, they also saved the state money. Last year, the savings totaled more than $150 million, over twenty times the $7.5 million investment the state made in these services. Unfortunately, Gov. Chris Christie’s budget eliminated this $7.5 million in funding, putting many working poor and middle class families in danger of losing critically needed health care….”

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