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Land and Milam Statement on New Law to Help At-Risk Animals

Law Clarifies Standard for Warrantless Seizure of Animals

To better protect and rescue animals from dangerous situations, legislation sponsored by Assemblymen Bruce Land and Matt Milam to revise and clarify the standard required for warrantless animal seizure was signed into law Tuesday by Governor Phil Murphy.

The new law (formerly bill A-4157) revises current law to require an officer to have a reasonable basis of a violation of the law in order to seize an animal to protect its life or prevent injury. Previously, animals would be deemed in need of immediate assistance if they were at imminent risk of harm or serious injury. The new law also requires that a “warrant” be issues in cases of violations, rather than an “order.”

Land and Milam released the following statements:

Assemblyman Bruce Land (D-Cape May, Atlantic, Cumberland): “No animal deserves to be abused or neglected. Unfortunately, some animals wind up in dangerous, potentially life-threatening environments. This new law will make it easier for officers to rescue more animals in need of help, and set them on a path to find a loving home.”

Assemblyman Matt Milam (D-Cape May, Atlantic, Cumberland): “Animal cruelty is abuse, plain and simple. We will not tolerate animal cruelty in New Jersey, and this law will strengthen our efforts to bring abused animals to safety by enabling law enforcement to intervene when necessary.”