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Lopez & McKnight Measure Designating Annual ‘Gun Violence Awareness Day’ Now Law

To honor and remember victims of gun violence, a resolution sponsored by Assembly Democrats Yvonne Lopez and Angela McKnight to designate an annual Gun Violence Awareness Day in New Jersey was recently signed into law.

In 2019 alone, there were well over 39,000 gun-related deaths throughout the United States – including more than 14,400 homicides involving guns. The new law (formerly SJR-41), encourages public officials, private organizations and residents of New Jersey to observe Gun Violence Awareness Day on June 2 with activities and programs that help raise awareness about the issue of gun violence.

Assemblywomen Lopez (D-Middlesex) and McKnight (D-Hudson) issued the following joint statement:

“Each year, our state loses hundreds of people to firearm-related homicides, suicides and accidents. This loss of life is a tragedy we cannot ignore and must never forget. The goal of Gun Violence Awareness Day will be to promote greater awareness about gun safety and the prevalence of gun violence in our state. It is our hope this day will help bring together residents and community leaders to discuss ways in which we can work to end gun violence. It will also serve as a day to honor the victims and survivors of gun violence as we strive to create safer communities for all.”