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Lopez, McKnight & Pinkin Bill to Raise Gun Violence Awareness Clears Assembly

Resolution Designates June 2 of Each Year as “Gun Violence Awareness Day”

Assembly Democrats Yvonne Lopez, Angela McKnight and Nancy Pinkin resolution to raise awareness of gun violence was voted out of the Assembly 67-0 on Thursday.

The measure (AJR-100) designates June 2 of each year as “Gun Violence Awareness Day” in New Jersey in order to promote greater awareness about firearm violence and safety.

“It is imperative that we pay special attention to the harming effects of gun violence, especially in light of recent tragedies such as the Parkland and Sante Fe school shootings,” said Lopez (D-Middlesex). “This resolution will help to concentrate attention on firearm violence in our communities as well as honor and remember all victims and survivors of firearm violence.”

There were 485 firearm related deaths in New Jersey in 2016, the sponsor noted, with a majority of those victims being under the age of 19 or women in instances of domestic violence.

“By dedicating a day each year to focus solely on firearm violence and victims, New Jersey will be taking a significant step towards opening a dialogue and being proactive in creating a world without gun violence,” said McKnight (D-Hudson). “This legislation encourages awareness of the impact gun violence has on our communities throughout the state.”

“In the Assembly, we are actively working on legislation to end gun violence and make New Jersey citizens feel safe,” said Pinkin (D-Middlesex). “Gun Violence Awareness day gives citizens and community leaders an opportunity to get together and make a collaborative effort to end gun violence.”