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Majority Leader Greenwald Statement on FY2020 State Budget Put Forth by Legislative Democrats

The full General Assembly approved Thursday a Fiscal Year 2020 budget bill presented by Assembly and Senate Democrats. Following passage, Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-Camden, Burlington) issued a statement:  


“For well over a decade, New Jersey’s sky-high property taxes have ranked #1 among issues most concerning to Garden State residents. Our budget provides a much-needed $175 million for property tax relief. We will continue to work to identify more ways to relieve this tax burden for our hard-working families.

“Our budget also provides more funding for seniors, veterans, higher education, NJ Transit, food banks, SNAP and more. This spending plan meets the needs of New Jerseyans and it reflects our priorities and those of the Governor.

“I’m proud of this budget and I’m thrilled we could craft a plan that doesn’t include any broad-based taxes. I hope the Governor gives it the serious consideration it deserves.”