Articles for the last 7 days     

2/19/2019    Quijano, Giblin & Downey Bill to Improve NJ's Family Leave Program for Working Families Becomes Law    Read             
2/19/2019    Speaker Coughlin Statement on Expansion of NJ Paid Family Leave Program    Read             
2/19/2019    Armato, Lampitt & Pintor Marin Bill to Expand Suicide Prevention Training for School Employees Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
2/19/2019    Mazzeo and Armato Call on NJ Transit Executive Director for Answers on Atlantic City Rail Line Closure    Read             
2/19/2019    Lampitt Statement on Prolonged Closure of Atlantic City Rail Line    Read             
2/19/2019    Lopez, Vainieri Huttle, Mosquera on Improving Protections for Children at Childcare Centers Bills Released from Committee    Read             
2/19/2019    ***MEDIA ADVISORY--Wednesday, Feb. 20***

Assembly Committees to Hold Joint Meeting on Residential Foreclosure Crisis in New Jersey    Read             
2/15/2019    Quijano Urges Trump to Recognize Gun Violence as Our Real National Emergency    Read             
2/15/2019    McKeon, Zwicker & Vainieri Huttle Bill to Encourage NJ Businesses to Strengthen Cybersecurity Measures Approved by Assembly Panel    Read             
2/15/2019    Benson & Egan Jones Announce Public Meetings with DOT and NJ Transit to Discuss Current Line Suspensions, Service Improvement    Read             
2/15/2019    Holley, Vainieri Huttle Consumer Cybersecurity Bill Aiming to Inform New Jerseyans How to Protect their Online Data Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
2/15/2019    Karabinchak Introduces "Porch Pirate" Bill to Crack Down on Theft of Delivery Packages    Read             
2/15/2019    Coughlin, Benson Bill to Establish Panel to Facilitate Gateway Construction Projects Approved by Assembly Panel    Read             
2/15/2019    Mosquera, Lampitt, Murphy Bill Requiring Baby Diaper-Changing Stations in All Newly Constructed Public Restrooms Clears Assembly Committee    Read             
2/15/2019    Mazzeo and Armato Statement on Public Meeting with NJ Transit Regarding Atlantic City Rail Line Closure    Read             
2/14/2019    Assembly Labor Committee Approves Employee Fair Wage Bills    Read             
2/14/2019    Tucker On Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve    Read             
2/14/2019    McKeon Bill Package to Regulate Drone Usage Flies Through Assembly Committee    Read             
2/14/2019    Assembly Democratic Resolution Package Dedicated to Increase Recycling, Clean Up Plastic Pollution Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
2/14/2019    Jasey & Zwicker Bill to Modernize State Documents to be Inclusive of Gender Diversity Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
2/14/2019    Johnson Statement on Anniversary of Parkland Shooting One Year Ago    Read             
2/14/2019    Lampitt Bill to Give High School Students Path to Graduation after PARCC Ruling Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
2/14/2019    Bills to Promote Safe Drug and Needle Disposal Practices Clear Assembly Panel, Require Hospitals to Include Opioid Addiction Information with Discharge Papers    Read             
2/14/2019    Conaway, Armato, Vainieri Huttle Bill Restricting Delivery of Electronic Smoking Devices and Tobacco Products to Residences Clears Assembly Committee    Read             
2/14/2019    Jasey, Caputo, Lampitt, Moriarty & Wimberly Bill to Create Task Force to Study Full-Day Kindergarten Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
2/14/2019    Vainieri Huttle, Jones, Mukherji, Wimberly & Chiaravalloti Bill to Help Residents at Risk of Homelessness Clears Assembly Committee    Read             
2/14/2019    Murphy, DeAngelo Bill to Help Homeowners with Negative Home Equity Avoid Foreclosures & Short Sales Clears Assembly Committee    Read             
2/14/2019    Freiman & Calabrese Bill Package Granting More Autonomy for Owners of Preserved Farmland, Wineries Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
2/14/2019    Quijano, Benson, Chiaravalloti Bill to Create New Crime for Operating a Drone Equipped with a Weapon Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
2/13/2019    Greenwald Statement on Continued Closure of Atlantic City Rail Line by NJ Transit    Read             
2/13/2019    Vainieri Huttle Bill to Withhold Certification of Some Homemaker-Home Health Aides Clears Assembly Committee    Read             
2/13/2019    Conaway, Vainieri Huttle, Mukherji on New Measure Requiring Insurers to Provide Alternative List When Denying Prescription Drugs    Read             
2/13/2019    Wimberly, Speight, Reynolds-Jackson on Bill Establishing New Jersey Eviction Crisis Task Force    Read