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12/10/2018    Carter, Benson, & Mejia Bill Establishing New Jersey Food Waste Task Force Continues to Advance in Assembly    Read             
12/10/2018    Lopez, Holley & Kennedy Bill Creating "Anti-Hunger Link" on State Executive Department Websites Continues Advancing in Assembly    Read             
12/10/2018    Greenwald, Coughlin, Jones & Mukherji Bill Creating "Food Desert Elimination Act" Improving Community Access to Healthy Food Options Advances    Read             
12/10/2018    Vainieri Huttle & Lopez Bill to Combat Inmate Abuse at NJ's Only Women's Prison Advanced by Assembly Panel    Read             
12/10/2018    Speaker Coughlin on the Passing of Yolanda Egan    Read             
12/10/2018    Assembly Members Benson and Pinkin on Monday’s Joint Committee Hearing on Electric Vehicle Legislation    Read             
12/10/2018    Assembly Panel Advances Benson Bill to Create New Jersey Innovation Portal    Read             
12/10/2018    DeAngelo Bill to Prevent Power Outages Caused by Downed Trees Continues to Advance    Read             
Wimberly, Jasey, Mukherji, & Lopez Bill Creating Hunger-Free Campus Grant Program Advances in Assembly    Read             
12/10/2018    Bill Package Dedicated to Land Preservation Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
12/10/2018    Freiman, Mukherji and Murphy Bill Establishing Retirement Savings Plan Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
12/10/2018    Taliaferro, Murphy, Verrelli Bill to Make Nutritious Food More Available, Affordable in Desert Communities Clears Assembly Committee    Read             
12/10/2018    FDA: 30-40 Percent of the Nation's Food is Uneaten    Read             
12/7/2018    Chiaravalloti: Requiring a License or Permit for Child-Run Lemonade Stand (or a Temporary Business) Won't Stand In NJ    Read             
12/7/2018    Next Actionable Step in Effort to Stem Gun Violence--Greenwald Six-Bill Package Bolsters Trauma Treatment in Hospitals throughout NJ    Read             
Benson, Swain & Tully Continue to Improve School Bus Rider Safety: Bill Allowing Termination & Debarment of Bus Contractors Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
12/6/2018    Zwicker “Voting Precinct Transparency Act” Clears Committee    Read             
12/6/2018    Mazzeo, Armato, Downey and Houghtaling Bill Including Atlantic County in “Common Sense Shared Services Pilot Program Act” Advances    Read             
12/6/2018    Schaer, Mazzeo, McKeon & Houghtaling Bill Promoting Shared Services Clears Committee    Read             
12/6/2018    Mazzeo Bill to Save Taxpayers Money through Countywide Tax Assessment Gains Committee Approval    Read             
12/6/2018    Statement from Speaker Craig Coughlin on Introduction of Minimum Wage Bill    Read             
12/6/2018    McKnight Launches 2nd Annual Toiletries Project    Read             
12/6/2018    Taliaferro, Houghtaling and Downey on Their Bill Appropriating $15,000,000 from Constitutionally Dedicated CBT Revenues to Protect NJ’s Farmlands    Read             
12/6/2018    Houghtaling, Verrelli and Taliaferro on their Bill Appropriating CBT Revenues to Nonprofit Organizations for Farmland Preservation    Read             
12/6/2018    McKeon, Mukherji & Murphy Legislation to Help Disabled Residents and Seniors Pay Utility Bills Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
12/6/2018    Tucker Statement on Testimonies of Ongoing Work to Aid State's Homeless Veterans    Read             
12/6/2018    Assembly Committees Hear Testimonies on Perinatal Issues    Read             
12/6/2018    "Bot" Measure Would Prohibit Misleading Communication Involving Purchases, Elections    Read             
12/5/2018    *** Thursday, December 6 Assembly Committees ***

Port Authority Transparency and Accountability Reforms, Increased School Bus Safety Regulations, Establishing NJ Revenue Advisory Board and Inclusive LGBT Learning Materials in Schools Highlight Thursday Assembly Agendas