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Mazzeo & Armato Fight for Alternate Solution to Atlantic City Rail Line Suspension

Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo and John Armato (D-Atlantic) issued the following statement regarding the Joint Senate and Assembly Transportation hearing Thursday:

“Economic development in our district is steadily increasing. The opening of the Hard Rock Casino, the legalization of Sports Betting, and the opening of a new Stockton University Campus – among many other things – have all contributed to an influx of revenue and jobs. The impending suspension of the Atlantic City Rail Line would be a significant hindrance to all of the positive improvements Atlantic City has made over the summer.

“Today, we brought constituents to Trenton with us who could personally speak of the hardships they have experienced with New Jersey Transit. They also expressed the concerns they have, including how they will get to work, doctor appointments and school once the transportation they rely on every day is suspended. We will continue to fight for the transportation needs of our constituents.”