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Mazzeo & Armato Resolution Urging Officials to Allow Military Members to Take Civil Service Exams During Employment Passes Assembly

In an effort to help military members advance their careers outside the Armed Forces, Assembly Democrats Vincent Mazzeo and John Armato sponsor a resolution urging the United States Department of Defense and the New Jersey Civil Service Commission to allow military members to take their civil service examinations while deployed. The measure unanimously passed the full Assembly Monday.

Individuals who wish to work in certain government positions – such as air traffic controllers, IRS employees, postal workers and police officers – must first take a civil service exam to test their knowledge and skill for the job. The resolution (AJR-20) urges officials to allow service members on active duty to take these exams during their deployment. They are not currently permitted to do so.

Upon the measure’s passage, Assemblymen Mazzeo and Armato (both D-Atlantic) issued the following joint statement:

“Our military members serve this country with honor and bravery, leaving their loves ones at home and putting their lives at risk to protect the United States. Some veterans may not have a civilian job to return to upon the conclusion of their tour and may wish to prepare for that eventuality in advance. If a military member wants to work in government, their career aspirations should not be stymied by the inability to take a civil service exam while deployed.

“Our soldiers deserve every opportunity to find employment at the conclusion of their service. Allowing them to take the exam in advance would get them onto an employment eligibility list and increase their chances of finding a job when they return home.”

The resolution now heads to the Senate.