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Mazzeo Bill Rescheduling Tax Appeal Process Now Statewide Option

Legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Vincent Mazzeo allowing New Jersey counties to operate under alternative real property tax assessment dates was signed into law by the Governor on Friday.

The law (A-538) allows a county governing body to participate in the “Real Property Assessment Demonstration Program,” which adopts an alternative real property assessment calendar.

“The goal of this piece of legislation is to put an organized, efficient program in place that will ultimately save money for both municipalities and their taxpayers,” said Mazzeo (D-Atlantic). “The current tax assessment calendar can impose a significant burden on towns that are unable to plan for potential refunds on excess property taxes; or on residents, who may end up having to pay a refund. This law will help to do that math in advance.”

Currently, appeals are heard by the county tax board and are decided, in most cases, by the end of July after municipalities have already agreed upon a budget for the upcoming year.

This program is specifically designed to reschedule the property assessment appeal process to dates prior to when the local property tax rate is calculated, which allows for a more accurate local property tax rate. In addition, the program will help municipalities to accurately calculate local budgetary needs as well as the true value of the tax base that will provide property tax revenue to fund their local budget.

“This is a bipartisan opportunity to do the right thing for taxpayers. It’s my hope that this good government practice is implemented throughout the state,” said Mazzeo.

County governments may adopt this program after receiving approval, by resolution, of a majority of the members of the county board of taxation.
This measure is also sponsored by Assemblywoman Carol Murphy (D-Burlington) and Assemblyman Raj Mukherji (D-Hudson).