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Mazzeo Bill to Ban Contractors Debarred from Federal Work from Receiving State Contracts Clears Committee

Legislation (A-3745) to provide that a person barred from contracting with the federal government is also not eligible to contract for public work in New Jersey was approved Monday by the Assembly State and Local Government Committee.

Bill sponsor Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo (D-Atlantic) released the following statement:

“If a person is barred from taking on federal contracts, it’s likely for a good reason. We certainly don’t want people who committed fraud, theft, bribery, embezzlement or other crimes being awarded state contracts. Public work is incredibly important, whether it’s fixing bridges or highways or working on public buildings. These types of projects are funded by the public, and we want upstanding citizens to get those jobs. If the federal government has identified a person as unfit for federal work, they should not be trusted with a contract here in New Jersey.”