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McKeon Applauds Governor’s Order Strengthening Regulation of Companies Doing Business with Gun Owners and Manufacturers

Executive Order No. 83 Targets Financial Institutions and Insurance Providers

Praising Governor Murphy for signing Executive Order No. 83 today and for his continued action on issues of gun safety in New Jersey, Chairman of the Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee John McKeon (D-Essex, Morris) released the following statement:

“I am extremely proud of New Jersey’s status as a national leader on gun safety policy. If not for the leadership of Governor Murphy and his strong partnership with the Legislature, that status could not be where it is today.

“Ensuring that companies, who profit from the use of firearms and business with the gun industry, are guided by principles of safety and responsible use is of paramount importance. And, strengthening the regulatory mechanisms governing the conduct of financial institutions and insurance providers specifically is significant in setting the tone for how gun safety is embraced at the institutional level.

“The regulatory components encompassed in the Governor’s executive order are all key parts of the larger gun safety picture.

“As gun violence grips the country in terrible and saddening ways, New Jersey residents can rest assured their public leaders are continuously working to build safe communities free from rampant gun violence.

“We will continue working to strengthen policies addressing all aspects of gun safety in New Jersey.”