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McKeon: Christie’s Tunnel Deal a Tax on Commuters

‘We cannot forget that Gov. Christie put us in this dire situation’

(TRENTON) – Assembly Judiciary Chairman John McKeon (D-Essex/Morris), who is helping lead the Legislature’s inquiry into NJ Transit’s recent woes, released the following statement Thursday on the Gateway Tunnel announcement by Govs. Christie and Cuomo and the plan to tax NJ Transit commuters to pay for it:
“While it’s noteworthy that Govs. Cuomo and Christie came to their agreement to pay for their state’s share of the Gateway project, we cannot forget that Gov. Christie put us in this dire situation.
“Under Gov. Christie, NJ Transit has increased their fares by a whopping 30 percent, and yet, almost daily, riders experience problems – sometimes significant problems – with their daily commute. And now we learn that NJ Transit is again proposing raising trans-Hudson trips by 90 cents starting in 2020 to pay for the Gateway tunnel.
“I’m appalled.
“What’s so sad and inexcusable is that if Gov. Christie hadn’t canceled the previous tunnel plan and diverted the funding, the tunnel would be nearly complete by now. Instead, the commuters of New Jersey are going to get whacked again with another increase, but years after Gov. Christie has left office. It’s outrageous that, after 8 years of failed leadership, the governor finally and miraculously comes up with a funding solution for the tunnel – and it’s a tax on commuters.
This is yet another part of Gov. Christie’s legacy cemented in traffic problems for all of us.