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McKeon Condemns Christie’s Pricey Political About-Face

Assemblyman John McKeon (D-Essex/Morris) released the following statement on Gov. Christie’s pricey political about-face that will now cost New Jersey taxpayers an extra $12 million to hold a special U.S. Senate election just three weeks before the regularly scheduled general election:

“In 2009, I sponsored a bill to eliminate political maneuvering and unnecessary taxpayer expense on special elections from New Jersey’s law concerning vacancies in the United States Senate.

“Then Governor-elect Christie condemned the legislation, arguing that no ‘responsible governor at this point would call for a special election that would cost $10 million.’

“He claimed the state’s residents were lucky to finally have a governor who wouldn’t propose politically motivated policies and who would protect their taxpayer funds.

“New Jersey voters now have an appointed Senator who does not share the philosophies of the person they elected and are on the hook for $24 million in wasted taxpayer dollars for special elections.

“The events of the last week demonstrate exactly why the Senate vacancy statute should have been changed in 2009 and is still in need of reform,” said McKeon.