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McKeon: Disturbing Testimony Shows NJ Transit Needs Immediate Change

Governor must Appoint Consultant to Help Bring Immediate Fix to Dysfunctional Agency

(TRENTON) – Assembly Judiciary Chairman John McKeon (D-Essex/Morris) released the following statement Friday after the Assembly Judiciary Committee held a joint hearing with the Senate Legislative Oversight Committee on personal practices within the troubled NJ Transit:
“The testimony we heard from the two attorneys who have represented NJ Transit employees in discrimination lawsuits and Mr. Barretta, the former NJ Transit compliance officer, was troubling. I especially thank Mr. Barretta for his courage in testifying today.
“NJ Transit’s woes and its mistreatment of commuters seemingly stems from a disturbing management philosophy that places self-protection over public service and safety. NJ Transit management appears to be a toxic stew of patronage and incompetence. The dysfunction is worrisome – and can directly be attributed to Gov. Christie’s failed leadership.
“The NJ Transit culture needs to change. Reform legislation will be forthcoming, but this agency must be rebuilt from the top as soon as possible.
“Gov. Christie is not up to the task, considering he has overseen the agency’s deterioration for more than seven years, but we cannot afford to wait. Gov. Christie must immediately appoint a consultant to help fix NJ Transit’s management and help bring immediate change to protect consumers and workers. I will also be looking into whether an independent state agency such as the auditor or comptroller can delve into this agency and provide timely recommendations for change.
“This status quo is increasingly alarming and unacceptable.”