McKeon: Gun Buyback Program Should be Expanded

(TRENTON) — Assemblyman John F. McKeon (D-Essex) had the following published recently in the Asbury Park Press:

“New Jersey is a progressive state as it relates to regulating weapons that are most likely to inflict mass casualties. We are one of seven states to ban assault weapons and limit ammunition clips, and we are one of 11 states to require a seven-day waiting period before one can purchase a legal gun. Yet, recently outlawing 50-caliber rifles capable of shooting a helicopter out of the sky could not escape a veto or muster any votes for an override.

“Last week, the Assembly took the first big step to change that. Legislation that would double the number of buyback programs that were undertaken over the past two years was approved in a bipartisan vote by my colleagues, 55-22-5…”

To read the rest of Assemblyman McKeon’s op-ed, please click here.