McKeon Lauds Gov. Murphy’s Executive Order to Protect Net Neutrality

(TRENTON) – Assemblyman John McKeon (D-Essex/Morris) on Tuesday commended Governor Murphy for signing an executive order that requires all internet service providers that do business with the state to adhere to net neutrality principles.

“Governor Murphy’s executive order aimed at protecting open and equal access to internet for all New Jerseyans is another great step in combating President Trump’s misguided attacks on consumers.

“The directive will ensure all New Jerseyans have fair internet access by mandating internet service providers, who wish to do business with the State of New Jersey, adhere to the principals of net neutrality. The Governor also announced the intention to join 21 other states in a law suit against the FCC for its decision to repeal net-neutrality rules.

“The announcements make our state’s priorities clear; we want a free, open, and equal access to internet for all New Jerseyans. No consumer or business should be prohibited from equal access. The internet is vital to everyday life and it allows businesses to innovate and grow.

“I applaud our Governor and Attorney General, in their effort to persevere internet rights for all citizens. Our state will stand firm against President Trump’s efforts to put corporate interests above everyday Americans.”