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McKeon Lauds Gov Signing of Renewable Energy Legislation

Assemblyman John McKeon (D-Essex) issued the following statement on the signing of two bills he sponsored that would improve and expand on renewable energy programs in the state:

“Today’s bill signing marks a new era in New Jersey. One that moves the state further in the direction toward stronger environmental protection practices which support clean energy initiatives. Establishing standards and requirements for renewable energy sets New Jersey on the right path toward growing our sustainable resources and investing in clean energy.

“New Jersey continues be a leader in the nation in developing our clean energy resources with the agenda we have set today. New Jersey families will reap the benefits for years to come.”

“We could always do more to protect our environment. Now, with these renewable energy goals set, we really are doing more and we are doing what should have been done over the last eight years. Thank you, Governor.”

McKeon is the prime sponsor of A-3723, which establishes and modifies clean energy and energy efficient programs and modifies the states’s solar renewable energy portfolio. He is also the sponsor of A-3724, which directs the Board of Public Utilities to establish a Zero Emission Certificate (ZEC) program.