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McKeon Legislation Allowing Municipalities to Issue Bonds for Passenger Cars Using Renewable Power Sources Clears Committee

(TRENTON) – Promoting the State’s clean energy goals, Assemblyman John McKeon (D-Essex, Morris) sponsors legislation approved Wednesday in the Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee that would allow towns to purchase passenger cars and station wagons driven by municipal employees fueled by renewable energy.

The bill (A-2208) would permit counties and municipalities to issue bonds to acquire passenger cars and station wagons that are fueled by battery or equivalent energy storage devices that can be electrically charged. It would allow local governments to spread out the costs of acquiring new passenger vehicles while simultaneously promoting the State’s clean energy goals.

Upon committee approval, McKeon issued the following statement:

“Our state is moving in the positive direction toward using clean energy and more efficient vehicles through renewable power.  This bill will allow local governments to acquire new passenger vehicles driven by municipal employees while broadening our aspiration for a cleaner and healthier environment.”