McKeon: NJT Facebook Ad Mismanagement of Commuters’ Dollars

Assemblyman: Sponsored Social Media Post Casts Blame on Amtrak, Shifts Focus from NJT

(TRENTON) – Assembly Judiciary Committee Chair John F. McKeon (D-Morris/Essex), who has been helping lead a legislative inquiry into NJ Transit, issued the following statement Friday regarding NJ Transit’s use of commuters’ dollars to disparage Amtrak via a paid social media campaign (see attached photo):

“Following its worst-performing month of all time, NJ Transit has displayed absolute gall in paying for a Facebook ad blaming Amtrak. The fact that someone thought this was a better idea than using the same exact resources to communicate with customers prior to deciding to disrupt Morris & Essex Line service is beyond me.
“Any time NJ Transit fails to meet its obligations to provide quality service and communicate effectively with its customers, it points the finger at Amtrak, skirting its responsibility and reiterating its disregard for frustrated rail customers who simply want respect from the state’s public transportation corporation.
“The people of New Jersey need NJ Transit and Amtrak to work together to ensure this repair plan is implemented as smoothly as possible, not play the blame game. By spending customers’ money on an effort to brand Amtrak as the problem, NJ Transit simply is continuing the long-standing pattern of disrespect for its passengers. In a battle between these two agencies, only the commuters lose.”