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McKeon on Amtrak/NJ Transit Hearing: It’s Time to End the Blame Game & Come Up with Solutions

Assembly Judiciary Committee Chair John F. McKeon released the following statement Friday after his committee concluded a joint hearing with a Senate panel where they questioned top brass at both Amtrak and NJ Transit on the wave of recent breakdowns that have hammered commuters, as well as planned repairs.

“My concerns going into this hearing remain the same coming out.

“The Governor needs to take responsibility for underfunding NJ Transit for the last seven years and leaving it cash-starved and mismanaged while commuters foot the bill. If not for his shortsighted and ill-conceived decision, we would be a year away from having a third commuter tunnel. Instead, we’re looking at years of delays and inconveniences while we wait for a new tunnel to be funded and built.

“In the meantime, the Governor should take advantage of his relationship with the President to secure a commitment that the federal government will make the necessary investments along the country’s busiest rail corridor.

“It’s time to move beyond the blame game and towards solutions. Ultimately, I’d like to see both sides come to the table to devise long-term solutions that minimize the financial pain and logistical nightmares for New Jersey commuters.”