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McKeon on Roll Back of Clean Power Act Policies

(TRENTON) – Assemblyman John McKeon (D-Essex, Morris) issued the following statement on the EPA announcement to rescind environmental policies curbing carbon emissions:

“The Clean Power Act is not a ‘war on coal.’ It is a war on the long term effects of global warming and climate change, an effort to protect and preserve the earth as we know it for our future. To tell the public it is anything other than that is a tasteless, disingenuous PR spin.

“Turning our backs on this Act burns bridges this country has developed globally with other nations and slows the environmental progress made in many states. Unfortunately, this administration does not care about this or scientific proof of global warming.

“Today, they have not stopped a war, but started one — on the environment and the future generations who will have to deal with a warming climate and more destructive super storms. Thanks to President Trump and Mr. Pruitt, this country is going backward not forward.”

Assemblyman McKeon is Vice-Chair of the Assembly Environment Committee.