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McKeon Statement on Christie’s Veto of Electronic Waste Recycling Law

Assemblyman John F. McKeon (D-Essex/Morris) issued the following statement Tuesday on Gov. Christie’s pocket veto of legislation (A-4763) he sponsored to help protect the environment by boosting the recycling of electronics:

“With rapid advances in television and computer technology, ‘e-waste’ is the fastest growing waste stream in the U.S. But, few people give any thought to where these devices go after they dispose of them. Apparently Governor Christie is one of them.

“His pocket veto today of this commonsense legislation ensures the New Jersey will no longer be a leader when it comes to recycling. This new law was critical because of the proliferation of electronic technology and the rate at which we purchase new devices these days.

“Boosting recycling, especially of the new and dangerous materials in “e-waste” is the key to minimizing damage to our environment. Recycled materials consume less energy than using virgin materials to make new products, which means less greenhouse gases are emitted because less energy is consumed.

“This would have been a win-win for the environment and our residents had the Governor signed it.”