McKeon Statement on Expert Testimony Regarding Future of Health Care Services and Technology Market

(TRENTON) – In response to testimony heard during Thursday’s meeting of the Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee regarding technological innovation and other significant changes emerging in the health care industry, Assemblyman John McKeon released the following statement:

“Changes are coming to the health care market that will likely affect how health services are delivered,” said McKeon (D- Essex, Morris). “We are beginning to see high profile companies like Amazon and Google explore entering the health care market. There is on ongoing national debate over creating a universal health care system for all Americans. And innovations in technology such as telemedicine are making it possible for physicians to deliver care in ways we’ve never seen before.

“As the health care industry enters a new era, we must be prepared for changes that will inevitably affect all New Jerseyans. The testimony we heard today from invited guests with expertise in the healthcare market helped us better understand the issues at play, and how we can support potential evolutions in the industry to protect consumers. We must ensure proper legislation is in place to be ready for the future of healthcare.”