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McKeon: Time to Throw Tea in the Harbor

(TRENTON) – Assemblyman John McKeon (D-Essex/Morris) issued the following statement Wednesday condemning the GOP tax bill and its adverse impact on New Jersey taxpayers.

“The economic servitude the GOP tax bill represents is the basis for a political revolution. Any member of Congress who voted to advance this bill (including procedural votes to advance debate), any member of leadership who did not stop the attacks on donor states like New Jersey or New York, deserves to be thrown out of office. These members chose regional above national interests, party above country.

“The actions taken last night by the federal government and the Congress to isolate New Jersey and other states to the economic determinate of getting rid of state and local tax deduction is unconscionable. By removing the state and local tax deduction, which will disproportionately impact Essex and Morris counties, the Congress declared war on New Jersey. Between lowering the amount of the mortgage deduction and the SALT reduction, home prices in our state may fall 10 percent or more. That will devastate the entire state’s economy. As a member of the Legislature, I vow to work with my like-minded colleagues and Governor-Elect Murphy to consider all options to resist this tyranny.”