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McKnight Bill Would Allow Taxpayers to Donate Portion of Tax Refund to State School Aid

Legislation Is Part of Creative Solutions to Fund Education

Seeking creative, innovative ways to fund education for the state’s students, Assemblywoman Angela V. McKnight has introduced legislation that would allow taxpayers to donate a portion or all of their New Jersey gross income tax refund to state aid for public schools.

“With education being a top funding priority in New Jersey, we must look for
non-traditional ways to support education for our children,” said McKnight (D-Hudson). “While we recognize how important it is to be fiscally responsible and use our tax dollars wisely, we cannot do this at the expense of our children’s education.”

As part of the bill (A-4808), New Jersey taxpayers could indicate on their gross income tax return that a portion or all of their tax refund is to be deposited into the School Aid Contribution Fund. The legislature would then use the funds to supplement state school aid.

“This bill does not call for state aid to be reduced,” said McKnight. “Instead, these funds would be in addition to, and not in the place of, state school aid appropriated to municipalities each year.”

In addition, the funds collected could not replace state funds appropriated for school state aid from a previous fiscal year.

“This legislation gives New Jersey residents an opportunity to further invest in our children’s education around the state,” she said. “It is a way for all of us, those with children and without, to positively impact the education of a child in New Jersey.”

The bill was introduced on December 10 and referred to the Appropriations Committee. It now awaits further consideration from the Assembly.