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McKnight & Chiaravalloti Call on Christie to Drop ‘Tough Guy’ Act, Come to the Table & Do What’s Right for Atlantic City

Assembly Democrats Angela V. McKnight and Nicholas Chiaravalloti (both D-Hudson) issued the following statements Friday regarding the future of Atlantic City and the governor’s unwillingness to use the authority he already has to avoid a government shutdown:

Asw. McKnight:

“It is inexplicable why the governor refuses to use the powers afforded to him under current law to help Atlantic City.

“The fact that he’s not even willing to sit down and discuss the possibility that there might be a better way to repair the city’s financial woes is insulting not just to this legislative body, but to the residents who expect more level-headed behavior from the state’s top official.

“The fact is that the governor has the ability to step in and help Atlantic City if he really wants to.

“Let’s end the political posturing once and for all and do what’s right by the people of Atlantic City.”

Asm. Chiaravalloti:

“Speaker Prieto has essentially done the governor’s work for him, and shown that there is a way to help the struggling resort town without stomping on the rights of public workers and circumventing the people that were chosen by Atlantic City residents to represent them.

“And yet the governor continues to reject any resolution that deviates from his own, and insists on a takeover that is unnecessary and, given the state’s track record with this approach, risks doing more harm than good.

“Now is the time to work together. I hope the governor will forget all the political theatrics and work with Speaker Prieto and the Assembly on a sensible solution that doesn’t do more harm than good.”