McKnight Kicks off Girls Empowerment Movement by Announcing List of 62 Standout “GEMs”

Assemblywoman Angela McKnight is kicking off the new year by seeking to promote and empower exceptional young women and girls in her district through her GEM project – Girls Empowerment Movement.

“According to the dictionary, a gem is something highly valued,” said McKnight (D-Hudson). “I want to build on that definition by connecting the word GEM to females who are highly valued individuals, but often under-recognized.”

In doing so, McKnight unveiled a list of 62 GEMs of 2017, consisting of young females, 21 years of age and under, who are doing great things in their own way. By publicly acknowledging these GEMs, McKnight hopes to let them know that they are highly valued and supported in their life endeavors.

“When I won the Assembly primary seat back in June, I said during an interview that I was going to start a GEM project that will allow me to promote, celebrate and support young ladies. I’m looking forward to delivering on that promise and supporting more females as much as I can in a variety of ways.

“To kick-off my GEM project, I have put together my first ever GEM power list, consisting of 62 females in no particular order because they are all unique and I would rather concentrate on their accomplishments than an assigned number. I look forward to supporting, celebrating and promoting these awesome GEMs and many more in the future,” added McKnight.

The full list of all 62 GEMs and their accomplishments can be found online here.

In her role as the Founder & CEO of AngelaCARES, Inc, a 501c3 non-profit organization, McKnight has dedicated herself to strengthening communities and enhancing the quality of life through the generations by serving as an advocate and support system for senior citizens and their caregivers, as well as a mentor to youth by educating and empowering them to volunteer.