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McKnight Lauds Gov. Murphy for Chipping Away at the Gender Wage Gap in NJ

(TRENTON) – Assembly Women & Children Committee Vice Chair Angela McKnight (D-Hudson) today commended Gov. Murphy for helping to close the gender wage gap in New Jersey, and making workplace gender equality in New Jersey a priority.

“Governor Murphy has sent a clear message that inequality in any form will not be tolerated.
“Eliminating the wage gap is about more than just fairness and parity. It is about children and families and the benefits they derive when breadwinners are compensated equally for equal work.
“The wage gap is especially detrimental to communities of colors, with African American and Latina women earning 63 and 54 cents respectively, compared to their white male counterparts.
“Women are not asking for more. They are asking for what they deserve based on their skill and expertise. Gender should not be a determining factor when deciding how much a person is worth, and I am ecstatic that our governor wasted no time and made righting this wrong his first order of business.
“There is still more work to do before equal pay for equal work is the norm, but with this executive order, working women in New Jersey just moved one step closer towards gender equality in the workplace.”