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McKnight Legislation to Assist School Districts in Need of Funding Passes Assembly Committee

In an effort to assist school districts losing funds under a new educational funding formula, a bill (A-6080) allowing these districts to raise taxes above the state’s existing 2 percent tax levy cap if necessary passed the Assembly Appropriations Committee on Thursday. Upon its passage, sponsor Assemblywoman McKnight (D-Hudson) released the following statement:

“A good education is one of the most important resources we can give our children. When teachers have access to adequate systemic support, they can truly make a difference in their students’ lives and set future generations up for prosperity and success.

“The recent redistribution of state funding to underfunded school districts unfortunately led to cuts in staff and programming in certain other districts. But every school deserves to have sufficient funding to furnish its teachers with the educational tools they need – which is what this legislation aims to provide.

“School districts will have the ability to automatically raise taxes beyond the existing state cap in order to make up for those budget shortfalls, but only as high as is necessary to adequately fund programming and employment. Dozens of school districts, including those in Jersey City, will benefit from this legislation allowing community members to help their schools guarantee the best possible education for local children.”