McKnight Measure to Promote Children’s Mental Health Awareness Clears Assembly Committee

Resolution Would Designate First Week of May As ‘Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week’

Legislation Assemblywoman Angela McKnight sponsored to foster public awareness and understanding of mental health and mental illness in children was advanced Thursday by an Assembly committee.

The measure (AJR-142) would designate the first week of May each year as “Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week.” During the week, the state would make a concerted effort to support the work of national and local groups advocating for children’s mental health.

“Children are, in many ways, more vulnerable than adults to mental illness, and children with mental illnesses have a far greater likelihood of being suspended from school, abusing drugs or alcohol or ending up in the juvenile justice system,” said McKnight (D-Hudson). “Enhanced awareness of mental illness in children can help reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and improve access to treatment that can help children lead full, productive lives.”

The legislation was advanced by the Assembly Women and Children Committee.