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McKnight Statement on State Comptroller Report on Low-Rated Nursing Homes

Chairwoman of the Assembly Aging and Senior Services Committee, Assemblywoman Angela McKnight (D-Hudson), issued the following statement in response to a recent report by the NJ Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) that examined the State’s lowest-rated nursing homes:


“Seniors and their loved ones put an enormous amount of trust into nursing homes, and the 15 low-rated homes examined in OSC’s report are breaking that trust by continuing to fail to improve the quality of care offered to residents. It’s incredibly disappointing to learn that these nursing homes were not able to effectively use millions of dollars of State funding to create a safe environment for their residents.

“Senior citizens deserve to age with dignity and respect, but they can’t do that in an environment that is not equipped to take care of their needs. The findings of this report seriously call into question the quality of care delivered to residents of these low-rated nursing homes. This is one of many issues facing New Jersey’s senior residents that we will continue discussing in the Assembly Aging and Senior Services Committee.”